Sam Coxon

I transformed myself from an overweight, lazy, party animal to a world record breaking Atlantic rower/ elite triathlete over the course of 6 years. Losing 5 stone in the process and transforming my life from bad to good.

I had a vision that I wanted to turn my life around and be the best I physically and mentally could be. I made the choice to change alcohol to fitness and training. I taught myself discipline and slowly build up resilience and strength. Not only physical but mental strength to never give up on your goals no matter how big they may be.
My love for adventure and endurance feats has gradually build up over the past 6 years, starting with a sprint triathlon in weymouth. Straight after that I got the bug. I wanted to see how far the human body could go and prove to myself and other people that you are far more capable than you think!

So far my best results to date are:

May The Fourth Half marathon- 1st place  May 2022

GB Ultra Scotland 106 mile- 5th place June 2022

Lichfield 10k- 5th place September 2022

Rose Of The Shires- 55 mile- 3rd place April 2022

Atlantic Ocean row 5 man team WORLD RECORD 2019

10 x 70.3 Ironman including gaining the GOLD ALL WORLD ATHLETE STATUS

Ironman 70.3 World Champs 2018, 2019 ( South Africa, Nice)

2 x 140.6 Ironman (Switzerland- 2017)

3 x Marathons (London 2019- 2:44)

Lands End to John O Groats x 2- 1000 mile cycle 2016, 2020

Lulworth Cove Ultra Marathon 2019

My personal focus for the 2023 season is building up a higher level of fitness using the cross country season as a solid base and top end builder through the winter and into my big A- race of the year which is Snowdonia UTS 100k in May. I would love to qualify for the UTMB which is a dream goal of mine!

The human body is an incredible and complex piece of kit which we should all be proud of and look after for a long and healthy life.

My most favourite motivational quote is ‘When you think about quitting, think about why you started’

Harry Yates

As an Athlete I have been National Champion, represented Great Britain, and been part of the British Cycling Olympic Talent Team. I have spent a large proportion of my life at the top end of Sport working alongside the top Coaches and Athletes. I have a first class Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification, and hands on experience as a Nutritionist and Sport Scientist. My passion is understanding the physiological capabilities of humans in endurance sports and extreme environments.

Since retiring from Elite Cycling I have put my studies into practice using myself and my training as a guineapig. I never ask any of my athletes to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. I have redirected my focus towards ultra-endurance and multi-day events. Cycling Land’s End to John O’Groats (912miles) over six days as a team of 7. My biggest achievement is finishing 15th out of 250 in the Nedbank Desert Dash. The longest single day mountain bike race on earth, covering 373km across the Namib Desert. I finished in 18hrs and became the highest placed youngest rider in race history. However I am not just a cyclist and have a strong performance background in Swimming, Running and Triathlons.

Key accolades:

  • 1st class degree in Sports and Exercise Science
  • Cycled Land’s End to John O’Groats (912miles) in 6 days 2020
  • GB Ultra Scotland 106 Mile Ultra marathon 2022
  • 15th Elite at Nedbank Desert Dash in Namibia, 373km MTB race 2019
  • Represented GB at Junior European Cyclocross Championship
  • Represented GB 3x at Junior Cyclocross World Cups
  • Part of the Junior British Cycling Olympic Talent MTB-Road programme
  • Youth National Cyclocross Champion
  • U/16 National Cyclocross Series Winner
  • Multiple wins and podiums at Nationals in XC MTB, Road, Cyclocross, Triathlon and Track (Velodrome) at Youth and Junior level.

My next target is the MDS ( Marathon Des Sables) which is a 6 day- 251km ultra marathon across the Sahara Desert- The Toughest foot race on earth!

A lot of people see training as just a requirement in order to achieve their end goal. However, you spend 99% of your time training for a goal that will take less than 1% of your total time. I cant explain how important it therefore is to enjoy the process. Don’t get me wrong there will be days you don’t want to train, sessions that you want to cut short. But in the end, working with me, you will see value in what you’re doing, take enjoyment out of the hardship, and see training as a journey of progression rather than just a task.