“In 2017 I weight 17.5 stone, working as web designer I spent 90% of my day sitting down.

Each year the Staffordshire 70.3 Iron man route would pass my house, and I would watch thinking I could never do that! But this time around I decided to set it as a goal, to finally make a change.

I was recommended to speak to Sam and we met in December 2017. I said to him that my goal was to aim for the 2019 Iron Man.. but sam convinced me that I could be ready within 6 months for the 2018 event. I didn’t really believe it at the time, but thought what the hell.. and bought the ticket there and then. At this point I couldn’t run a mile, had done a bit of mountain biking and could only swim 6 lengths breast stroke.

Fast forward 6 months and now weighed 12 stone and completed the Ironman in 6 hours 20 minutes. Throughout that period Sam set me daily weekly goals that slowly increased in intensity, distance etc. At the time a lot of what I was doing did not make sense to me.. I just followed the plan exactly. Looking back now I can see how his plan was so unique to me and specific that it increased my fitness without me hardly knowing I was doing so. Sam was supportive throughout with advice and tips, everything I needed to complete the Iron Man successfully.

Sam literally changed my life, not just an investment in fitness but I am no longer out of breath chasing my young son around or simply carrying him up the stairs.

Since then I have kept up the fitness and entered other events. I continue to use Sam now just to keep on improving and maintain what I have achieved.”


– David Whitehouse


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