Keeping the focus when races are so un predictable

Keeping the focus when races are so un predictable


At the moment we are all thinking the same thing… Will races happen this year? We’ve had the news from BORIS and all our fingers and toes are crossed! The days are getting longer, were all building the fitness, getting out for long rides and starting to feel the benefits of the winter training that we put in! We are itching to race, get a number pinned on our back and test ourselves against others! However races have already started to be postponed and pushed back to later in the year very similarly to 2020!

How does this effect you mentally? Well.. It’s going to effect everybody differently because we all do it for different reasons. Some athletes only started triathlon training to prepare for a specific event or to ‘ Finish’ and get the T-shirt! They may of found they enjoy the lifestyle and are now hooked on the sport and the enjoyment they get out of training has suprised them, which is brilliant.

However, on the opposite end of the spectrum pros need the races to go ahead so they can make a living with potentially only one source of income.

What I would recommend and advise people to do if you are stressing about training and whether races are going ahead is to take a little step back from the intense sessions and use the separate disciplines as a form of stress relief or real enjoyment. Take the focus away from the numbers and data and focus on enjoying being outside, finding new routes/ trails and keeping healthy!

Its very difficult to stay 100% mentally in the game all year round especially without a definitive date or end point!

Another way to keep the focus is to give yourself regular challenges so you can feel a sense of achievement when you have accomplished them. This can be a great way of keeping motivated and keep the enjoyment at a high level!

Joining a club who are running virtual races can not only help to keep your fitness sharp but its a great way to make new friends and connections within the sport that you will eventually be able to train with in the ‘ Real world’!! 

Its always easier to do things as a team with a group of like minded people who are all on similar missions.

Last year when my A race was cancelled I  decided to do own Full Ironman because I could control things! It was a great success and I needed to do it to prove to myself where my fitness was at and figure out where any weaknesses were. To me, crossing that finish line was a huge success and I felt great. There was no medal or massive crowd but I just loved it!

Fall in love with the training! Back off the intensity and enjoy the process. Find new trails, routes and push yourself in different ways. Then when we can definitely race, 4 weeks of intense specific sessions will get you race ready!!

Keep the faith and keep working

Thanks for reading,

Sam Coxon