Rock solid MINDSET- With Sam Coxon

Rock solid mindset with Sam Coxon


I have written this blog from the personal experiences I’ve had in my life and sporting journey so far which I feel will benefit my readers to help understand their thoughts, control their actions and be better in their given sport


The topic of today is MINDSET. If you ask or get to know any top athletes within different sports, not only are they very talented at what they do, they also have a unbreakable mindset and the ability to control their brain to get their body to do things the way they want them to be done.


Generally in endurance sports its peoples minds that are the first to go. The thought in your head that tells you something is too difficult or you’re not good enough. The body can withstand a lot more than people first think. That being said I am going to go over some of the tips I use to keep my mindset at its best and performing optimally.



Everybody needs goals or something they are working towards. No matter if their goals are huge or very small. Without a goal your like a boat with no compass. You are never going to get anywhere and you wont have any direction or urgency with what you are doing. When it comes to triathlon some of my goals in the past have been to go sub 4:30 in a 70.3 so breaking down those goals into smaller chunks to make them more achieveable. When you set yourself a target or a goal you can focus all of your energy on it to make it happen which will build a stronger mindset in the process. Once you set a goal, achieve it, you can do it again and again. That confidence you build up is huge and will benefit you in your next challenge


Get used to being uncomfortable :

Nothing good is ever achieved in your comfort zone so doing things that take you outside of where you feel is comfortable is really important. Whether that be taking cold showers every morning, running in the pouring rain, doing that extra rep in your bike session which you don’t think you can do. All of these things are building up your armour that you live In. If you always cower away from these situations and never confront your fears you will not move forwards. Being uncomfortable should begin to feel natural.

I know that when a session gets uncomfortable, I am progressing and I can use that feeling or reassurance that I can handle it and come out the other side when that feeling comes round again. I am used to the pain already so my tolerance is building up. This also crosses over with everyday life scenarios too. Little situations that arise or issues don’t tend to worry you anymore once you know what you can handle. You feel as though you can deal with any situation


Wake up early:

I don’t know about you but I always get up early. I never used to but I always feel my most productive first thing in the morning. Writing down ideas, planning your day, setting goals and early morning training sessions can all be achieved before 7 am!

You are already one step ahead of people that snoozed the alarm

Again, having that different mentality will stand you above your past self and your competition. The feeling that you get after finishing something or achieveing something you set out to do gives you a great sense of pride.

Set the tone for the day and get up first time!!


Staying focused

Staying focused all year round is difficult so it’s important to take a few weeks or a month out every year. Time to relax, recouperate and fill your time doing other things. That way your brain and body is getting some recovery and down time.

All of your actions need to be directed towards your goals. Don’t do things that will send you down a different path. Whats right for one person may not be right for you so concerntrate on your goals not other peoples. I like write my goals out so they are always on my mind. That way, subconsciously I am always thinking about them and my actions will mirror my goals.

Try not to allow distractions to put you off. Unfortunately you can’t eliminate these things completley but you can schedule in your diary what’s most important to you to ensure it gets done.



Failing is one way in which we learn because we know what not to do next time. If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough or setting big enough goals.

If you worry about not succeeding and let it stop you from trying things then you need to snap out of it. Failing is actually a good thing because you are learning!

At the end of the day, you can always give it another go.

As long as you don’t make the same mistakes again, then you are not learning


Controlling your thoughts:

What you think controls your mind.

Our brains are very clever tools. They can work with you and they can work against you. Learning to control your thoughts is really important when it comes to MINDSET

You will have times during challenges or training sessions when your mind says no, enough is enough but in order to know what you are really made of you have to push on through and go beyond those mental boundaries. If it’s a mental barrier you can generally push through it whereas if it’s a physical barrier that may be a different story.

During our 3000 mile row we did 2 hours on, 2 hours off, non stop, 24/7 for 35 days. Getting up at 8pm,12pm,4am into soggy kit, in the dark with waves crashing over the boat was not very pleasant. You could this from 2 different viewpoints. A- Id rather go back to bed or go home ( Which wasn’t really a option) or B- How many people get a opportunity like this… To be in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with nothing but sea for 1000 miles in every direction!

That one thought can change the next 2 hours, 2 days or 2 months!

So try to push aside negative thoughts because they will not serve you very well.


Keep your eyes open for future blog posts!

I hope you enjoyed this one and you took some value from it